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Interview with Carlos Agamez Garcia our Graphic Designer

Interview with Carlos Agamez Garcia our Graphic Designer

by Belinda Noel

April 05, 2018

So you and I have worked together for the last few years on the Word of Mouth Guide NSW. I first met you when you and a friend collaborated on an art installation at my travel blog launch and I think from the first moment I really liked you! Since then we have worked together for the past two years on the book and other ideas and projects. Can you tell me a little bit about your background, your passions and what you do for a living...

Thanks for inviting me to be part of your project and for this interview. I have been based in Australia for more than 5 years, I am a visual artist and graphic designer, back home in Colombia I was working as a graphic designer for the cultural sector, one of my biggest passion are art and music, I also enjoy traveling a lot, at the moment I work for a cosmetic brand doing graphic design and influence media.

You've recently gone part-time at work and now freelancing, can you tell me a little more about some of the creative projects you are working on right now as an artist and also a free-lancer.....

I enjoy having my own space and inviting a lot of creative people for open conversations where we can collaborate, I have a few photographers that I am collaborating at the moment, Felipe Hernandez for example, we have been collaborating for photo-shoots, and a few more, that’s for the art directing side, on my personal artwork I am working on a video of my recent artwork called I Live Here Now, a work based on my experience working with refugees and my personal experience as a migrant.

You love to travel can you share with me some of your favorite places to explore and best memories in NSW.

I lived at Bundanon for a couple of months doing an artist in residence, which is in between Shoalhaven region and Kangaroo Valley, I think is a great space and in full of wildlife, I love the green, the mountains, the river and the tranquillity of that area but overall the wildlife you can see everywhere, I enjoy going to Jervis Bay and north of Sydney Seal Rocks, there are magical places.  

As a Bondi local what are some of your favorite hang-outs and things to do around Bondi?

I love going for an early morning run and a swim when just the local people hang around the beach, when the crowd have not touched the beach yet, is beautiful and still calm, I love going to the cliffs at the North Bondi golf course, or the rocks around Ben Buckler, and if I want to eat something good, one of my favourite places are The Republic Organic Bakery, always fresh bread and healthy stuff, Shuk is my favourite place for brunch, for a good chai and a nice winter Bondi place Gertrude and Alice, and for a quick nice dinner I like La Piadina.  

You are a very talented and courageous artist, I really like your work about refugees and the challenges you take on in your work and the number of projects you can handle in one go! Tell me a bit more about some of your art projects and your artistic plans for 2018. 

This 2018 has started very busy for me, hiring an art studio has been quite challenging, but at the same time very needed. I already held my first show of the year at 107 Gallery in Redfern, we also organized an art event in a warehouse recently, and I'm working on a few other projects. Art can be sometimes challenging but very rewarding, art is a very important part of my life, it makes me dream and picture parallel realities but again I can start conversations with others through my artworks creating awareness and showing a reality in a different way.

I know you have a project in the pipeline can you tell me a bit more about ArtSake and how that idea came about what you are hoping to achieve.

It is a great project I think, it came of the idea to work with artists and making art sustainable, is creating options for other artists and art lovers and giving art more accessible for people, it would be a platform for artists, galleries, and spaces to connect and giving art a better and more space in this city, I think we need more art in Sydney and more accessible spaces for it.

Where are some of the best communities are places to hang out in Sydney as an artist?

I think Sydney is a very hidden spot kind of city, you always need to know someone to tell you about good places, good parties and therefore good art events for art lovers I like Newtown and Marrickville, although you can find nice venues around Surry Hills, I like a place called Café Lounge and going to the inner west, The Vic On The Park is a very cool pub in Marrickville, different and very arty. 

What's been some of the best things about being involved in Word of Mouth Guide?

Being connected with others that have so many great dreams and love traveling as I do have been one of the best things of getting involved in WOM, getting to know places with friends and exploring walks and the opportunity to be part of a great project, I can see WOM book guide is already growing and showing people a different way to travel a more local base and bespoke way of getting to know places in different ways.

We've created some awesome events together, what is it about events, music, and exhibitions that you love and enjoy so much.

I love music and putting people together, I like to be the host, I like people to share to reinforce relationships, I think art and music just bring people together and make us feel free, it’s a door to get away from the pressure of work and reality, you can be more you and enjoy the moment with music and art, whenever you go to art event you can see things from different perspective. I also have to say; I have a lot of friends and by throwing an event I just want to see them all, finally, it makes me feel happy when others are having a great time and fun!

Finally, where can we find you on social media?

Well, now with the entire sm boom I have a few ways to find me:



You can see my artworks in:

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